Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Juan Pabs and Whatsherface to Appear on Couples Therapy Which Apparently is a Show

Row 1: Shia Labuef & Ke$ha, Nicki & Juan Pabs
Row 2: Treach & his mom?, John Cena & Blondie
Row 3: Cosmo Kramer & Holly Robinson Peete,
Smiley Guy & Lady Person

Obviously I don't know shit about shit, but there's some show called Couples Therapy on VH1 tonight and Juan Pabberstein is going to be on it.

The show is hosted by a lady named Dr. Jenn, an actual doctor who spells her name with two Ns, and puts pictures of herself on the internet that look like this:

That's actually a pretty smart move -- keep the sun rays off your face.

Anyway, I will most likely not be watching this show tonight and that's obviously a lie.


Get your goddamn shoes off the couch, boiiyyyyyyyyyy!


  1. What a huge shit! I mean, this is a huge shit!

  2. Will you be recaping this show weekly?! I'm sure it's one big pile of goose doo but Juan Paps is a man's man!

    1. It's actually a pretty good show and also has Jenna Jameson on it and we're currently dropping bombs in Syria.

    2. Dropping Bombs in Syria would be a great anal bum cover!

      Hows JJ looking these days? Like a squirrel wrapped in pig shit? I would still probably look at her naked though.

    3. What the fuck are you ever talking about? Do I have to ban you from this website?

    4. I thought we were having fun. I'll go away. :(

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