Wednesday, June 11, 2014

This New A1® Steak Sauce Commercial is NOT Horrible

I work in advertising (REALLY, EV? NO ONE GIVES A SHIT), and time and time again, companies like to play it safe and put out lame ass TV spots. But not my homies over at A1® Steak Sauce. Those muthafuckaz are renegades. Check out their new Facebook jawn, launching a rebrand that will OBLITERATE EVERYTHING WE KNOW ABOUT STEAK SAUCE.


  1. Maybe all those Downton Abbers recaps that no one read were worth it after all...

    That was a really nice commercial but I've been putting A1 on all that stuff for yearssss now.

    1. Wish they changed it to "Steak Snauce" tho.

  2. Please say you wrote that ish at your ad agency Ev. ~DiHS