Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Bachelorette is Racist as a Muhgg

"That's the beauty of it. I grab a dog, and I choke him,
and I kick the shit out of him. All day long
my foot up a dog's ass."

Last night, Bachelorette Andi Dorfberg sent home the black guy because she’s a racist ass bitch. The black guy she sent home, The Black Guy, was by far the only tolerable human being on this show – he was funny, well-dressed, a good dancer, he liked cookies -- and now that I think about it, that describes pretty much every black person ever. And yet Dorf still sent him home.

This came as a shock to absolutely no one considering Dorf has proven herself time and time again to be the type of person who has no idea how fun it is to have sex with a black guy. Of the seven dudes left on the show (I have no idea how many dudes are left, I’m just saying seven because honestly who gives a shit), one guy wears colored pants, one guy likes mashed potatoes and one guy claims that where he comes from, you NEVER mock a man for being thankful.


Put the toilet seat down you insensitive prick!

And yet they're all still there, poppin' around the world like Mary Ping Pong Poppins, while fighting for the love of a white lady. The Black Guy has no idea how lucky he really is. 

If you asked this world famous up-and-coming television blogger who also has a weekly sports column on a very popular Philadelphia website and over 1,000 (yep, that's One Thou-zand) Twitter followers, I’d choose The Black Guy to be the next Bach. But unfortunately, Chris Harrison and the rest of the white people running ABC would never let that happen because all they're concerned with is chugging grade-A certified cockkkkkkkkkkk.

This show fucking sucks like thirteen butts this year. I'm starting to think maybe it has always sucked butt. And that one guy JJ might seriously be retarded.

This guy's clearly retarded, right?

Thank you for visiting my blog I truly appreciate it.


  1. I feel like you're not even writing this blog for the right reasons anymore.

    1. My reason is, and always has been the same, to somehow make $$$. Will you please send me some?

  2. “Right reasons, right reasons/ I’m here for your girl for all four seasons.”

  3. That show depicts Whites as racist. I swear, if there were Asian guys on the show being under racist attacks by White guys, he'd kick their butts for good!


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