Monday, June 2, 2014

In Honour of Game of Frones: Here's da 4 Most Ridiculously Violent Scenes in Movie History

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Last night on Game of Frones, a guy gouged out another man's eyeballs and then smashed his skull with his bare hands. SOUNDS LIKE AN EPISODE OF THE BACHELORETTE IF YA ASK ME LOL NO IT DOESN'T. Then another dude got his head split open by an axe. Then a guy's corpse was hung on a stick.

Whatever, it was all friggin' stupid -- although we did get to see that light-skinned lady clean her tits in a river, so that was pretty cool. In honor of how absurd everything is in this world, and the fact that I have to sit through two more hours of the Bachelorette tonight, I've embedded some clips below of The Top Four Most Ridiculously Violent Scenes in Movie History.

Enjoy you sickos.

1. King Arthur hacking up the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

2. The backwoods bing-bong crazy lady slicing up dat poor bunny wabbit in Roger & Me.

3. The centerfielder in The Naked Gun bloopers scene popping his own head off while attempting to climb the outfield wall.

4. Mel Gibs choppin' broccoli in Bravefart.

She choppin' she choppin' she choppin'...

Awesome post, Ev.

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