Monday, February 17, 2014

Last Week's Top #GoogSearches That Led People to TVMWMWMWWW

Actual screenshot from @Kunk7's computer.

Here's how this works:

1. I start a blog
2. People type stuff into Google that leads them to my blog
3. Google Analytics allows me to see what people have searched for
4. This post writes itself

So let's check out last week's top Google searches that led people to TV My Wife Watches DOT COM.

Also, baklava.

Had to be my wife.

What if a man actually ate his wife as she watched TV? Not ate her out, but actually ate her. Like for dinner. That'd be da lead story on Good Morning America, amirite Zoo With Roy?

And now for my absolute favorite #GoogSearch of ALL TIME ...

TV My Wife Watches everybody!


  1. voluptuous brown wife was my favourite. so wait, are all of these things mentioned somewhere in your posts. this is so confusing.

    1. omg how is this hard to understand? yes, these words are mentioned somewhere on my blog, but not necessarily in that order.

      For examps, I could write, "I love lemonade. It tastes so great when I'm hot and sweaty. I saw a lady with big tits drinking lemonade yesterday and it turned out it was my wife." And then someone could search for "Hot Sweaty Lemonade Wife Tits" and end up at my blog.

      omg this is so confusing

  2. when did you write about bahlava?