Monday, February 17, 2014

Downton Abbey: Week 7 Primetime Performer presented by A1® Steak Snauce

omg this is a thing?

TVMWW's pageviews have been down lately, which has led me to take a step back and think about just what the hell I'm doing here. I figure at this point, I've got three options: I could A) slit my wrists and end this charade once and for all, B) blow up a goddamn bridge and take you all with me, or C) KEEP PUMPIN OUT RICH, TANGY CONTENT.

Obviously I'm choosing C!

I ain't goin anywhere, folks!

Listen people, we were #blessed to have a very generous sponsor endorse this blog for this insanely unpopular weekly feature. We can't let A1® down. They make the richest and tangiest steak sauce known to man, so @Turbo_Timmy and I are going to keep dishing out awards EVERY SINGLE WEEK even if you're the only person clicking on my posts. I don't know why I'm complaining about this to you when you're already reading this. You clicked. You're here. AND I THANK YOU. It's the other bozos who aren't doing their part to support the blog. OMG, do they not understand that Downton Abbey is a GODDAMN ROLLERCOASTER?!? Whatever, I am still committed to churning out RICH, TANGY content as much as a I can. Ugh, enough whining, let's get on with this week's award!


Evster: Hi Turbs, I didn't see last night's ep. I watched the NBA All Star Game instead. Did you watch?

Turbo: Yes, I watched. You know that. You just sent me an email on the side telling me to do a recap of the show without giving away any spoilers to you. How exactly does that work, Evan? How am I supposed to tell the readers about all of the crazy stuff that happened last night without spoiling it for you? This is ridiculous, but here goes:

The two old chicks are great again, there's a new plan for Edith's baby, Lady Cora is still so bad at acting, Phyllis does some more sewing, ummmm what else... the dog is back, someone dies, someone gets proposed to and ugh so much more you have to watch.

So with all that happened this week, The Primetime Performer presented by A1® Steak Sauce has got to go to Mr. Molesely, for reasons that I can't say because there I was told "no spoilers". Thanks.

Evster: OMG THE DOG IS BACK? WHY WOULD YOU SPOIL THAT, TURBS?! Would it really have been that hard to leave that part out of this recap?! Ughghghghhghhhhh. This week's Primetime Performer obviously goes to my wife for letting me watch basketball.


Clearly I'm not putting a picture of my wife on my blog,
but how about this lady?! VA-DOING-A!

Previous Primetime Performers include:

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