Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bachelor Photo Exclusive: Juan Pablo Dips and Doinks in Turks & Cakes!!!

Bold move to go with a Koy Detmer neck beard. 


Through ways I am not willing to discuss on this here website, your favorite blogger was able to obtain exclusive pictures of future Bach, Juan Pablo, taken during his recent trip to Turks and Caicos.

Even though I cannot reveal my sources, I can state for the record that these pictures are very real and very exclusive. I can also state for the record that as of 30 seconds ago I thought Turks and Caicos was one word, spelled "Turksenkaikos."

Here's Juan Pabber relaxing in his hotel room with an unidentified acquaintance. Now while Juan Pabs' contract does not stipulate that he remain single before the filming of the show, one has to question his commitment to the entire Bachelor process. As of the publishing of this article, Juan Pabs could not be reached for comment. Also I did not attempt to reach Juan Pabs for comment.

Later that morning, Juan Pabs took his adorable little nips for a dip in the pool. Look how round they are. Like two perfectly sliced jalapeños.

At night, the future Bach hit the clubs with his homies while making the bold choice to tuck his shirt in despite not wearing a belt. In case you're counting at home, the picture above includes three hoodies, two jean jackets and one horse.

"He was really, really nice," said the woman on the left who clearly loves doing cocaine. "His friend was a little aggressive, but also really nice. I fucked them both."

This is a website that you actually visit.

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