Friday, August 2, 2013

#GoogSearches Are Back!

The best part of having a blog is not the massive amount of fame, or the joy I get from bringing you saps a little bit of enjoyment into your pathetic lives, it's the fact that Google Analytics allows me to see what people type into their search engine that brings them to TVMWMMWMWWM.

So let's see what some sickos are searching for these days!

Also shout out the homey who typed in the whole "" into Googs instead of the address bar.

Address bar? Is that even what's it's called? Who cares.

Big day for the Curry family, too.

I typed in "my wife likes boners" just now to see what else came up, and the first thing was this super weird (by totally mild and uninteresting) YouTube vid entitled "My wife Tryn to give manager at walgreens a boner."

Also, "elle macpherson DASH naked".

So happy for llama that he got two pageviews whereas Trebek only got one.

And bun reports!

Saw this lil guy in my backyard yesterday ...

He hears something!

Also, wrote a new jawn for The 700 Level today all about the Women's National Basketball Association. Read it here nowwwwwwwwww

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