Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Happy Anniversary to my Incredibly Patient and Voluptuous Wife

This is a really nice bun. 

My wife and I have a rule: anytime one of us sees a bun, we are required to file a Bun Report. This consists of calling the other person and describing the bun we just saw. For example: big bun, little bun, brown bun, BABY BUN. (Hint: all buns in our neighborhood are brown buns, but filing the color of the bun in still required in all official Bun Reports.)


The point is that most human beings would probably find filing Bun Reports to be annoying and silly and DUMB, but not me, and not my wife. I mean, how lucky am I to have found a real, live, human woman -- with all four limbs and a big ol' booty -- who also genuinely appreciates filing (and receiving) Bun Reports?

So Happy Bunniversary to my little brown bun!

And now for the musical stylings of Steve Martin and Bunnadette Peters.

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