Friday, June 7, 2013

Stuff I Watch: Family Tree, Lonely Island, Learn Guitar with David Brent, SYTYCD, Amy Schumer and Basketball!

Nice surround sound, too. 

Hi hi hi hi hi hihihhihi hihhihi hihhhihihihi!

I'm so excited to for this post because I'm actually gonna write about stuff that I watch!

I love my wife and I love The Bachelorette and I love Game of Frones and I love Mad Men's Wearhouse, but c'mon, this was starting to become Three TV Shows My Wife Watches -- we needed some variety! Plus, this is MY BLORG and I'm gonna write about what I want to write about!

Also, I just had two cups of coffee so bing bong bing bong bing bong binggggngngngnggg!

Evster's note: If you are reading this in your email and the videos below are not embedded, just click on the links or go to to watch them. Obviously you're not going to do that and that's why I hate you.

Family Tree
Christopher Guest's new show on HBO. That really should be enough incentive for you to watch. But if you're one of those people who's super annoying and needs more convincing, here goes:

Chris O'Dowd (you know who he is, the cop from Bridesmaids, and Jessa's ex-husband from Girls) is down on his luck, when his distant aunt passes away and leaves him a trunk of mementos. This sparks O'Dowd's interest in his family's heritage, so he starts asking around trying to learn more about them. Obviously, HILARITY ENSUES, and each nugget he uncovers is more ridiculous than the next. (His grandfather may or may not be a Chinaman.) O'Dowd also has a sister who's a ventriloquist and carries around a stuffed monkey -- aptly named "Monkey" -- with her wherever she goes. His best friend, Pete, is hilarious and is prolly my favourite character on television right now (apologies to Sy from Duck Dynasty and Morgan from The Mindy Proj).

Oh my God who cares just shut up and watch the video.

Between Two Ferns with musical guest, The Lonely Island 
Part of me never wants to link to stuff on here, because I think that by the time I do, pretty much everyone has already seen it. Regardless, above is a new(ish) video from The Lonely Island. Every Wednesday, the fellas are putting out a new song from their new album, and this one -- Spring Break Anthem -- debuted on Zach Galifinakis's talk show, Between Two Ferns, a few weeks ago.

If you haven't seen this yet then I seriously don't know what's wrong with you.

Also I spent pretty much every spring break in college doing laundry and jerking off and it was honestly fantastic.

Learn Guitar with David Brent
Last month, Ricky Gervais brought back David Brent for a short-film for Comic Relief. Now, every week, he's releasing a new episode of Learn Guitar with David Brent. The clip above is from the second ep, and it's pretty much just Brent playing his own songs as opposed to taking the time to teach someone how to actually play.

If you liked the British Office, you'll love it. If not, you're dead to me.

So You Think You Can Dance
I don't actually watch this show, but this dude, BarkLev, who I work with is always sending me links of the best dancers and I can't get enough of 'em. This video above is bonks.

The show itself is mostly dogshit, the dancers are complete lunatics and Nick Cannon is a total stiff (WHY MARIAH, WHY?), but every once in a while someone does something that makes me pour honey all over my tits.

If there's one video you should watch, it's this one. Start that jawn at the :54 second mark.

Inside Amy Schumer
New sketch show on Comedy Central. Amy Schumer is friggin' hilarious. There's no way you're watching any of these videos, is there? I've embedded way too many videos.

Bonkers NBA Commercial 
This commercial first aired last year during the Finals, but it's friggin' phenomenal and if you don't like it I honestly hate you.

Look at that screen shot. Blake Griff is dunking over Hakeem Olajuwon -- that can't actually happen -- this world is incredible. I have no idea how they make these things. This world is terrifying. I'm thinking about taking my own life.

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  1. Jesus Christ, do people really read these things in their email? Can you imagine if the NSA got a hold of those email records?

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    1. First Amendment! You're allowed to talk about fucking dogs.

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  2. The Lonely Island thing was amazing and it makes me angry when I see these things and haven't come up with them myself.