Monday, April 15, 2013

This Week's Top Google Searches That Led People to TVMWMWWMWM

This weekend my friend Midtown admitted to me that he has no idea what's going on with these #GoogSearches that I post on Twitter every day, so let me try to explain.

I have a blog. 

And because I have a blog, I can see stats (analytics, dawg!) that tell me what people put into Google that led them to click on TVMyWifeWatches.blogspots.coms. 

It's really not that complicated and frankly I'm a little embarrassed for Midtown that I had to explain it to him. In fact, he might be the stupidest person I know. It should also be mentioned that this past weekend at a bachelor party in Lake Tahoe, Mid got hammered, tried to convince people to ski into a lake, and then passed out at 7pm in his wet bathing suit. 

So without further adieuuuuuu, here are the latest and greatest #GoogSearches that real, live human beings typed into their dumb, stupid computers, and then clicked on a link to get to the stupidest blog on the internet. 

In other news, I am finally free to do some blorging. Unfortunately, I'm currently two weeks behind on Game of Frones and Mad Mens Warehouse (but totally caught up on Antiques Roadshow). I look forward to getting back to blogging real soon / moving to Nova Scotia and never talking to any of you ever again. 

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