Friday, February 22, 2013

Girls: My Wife and Feddd Exchange Emails About Booth Jonathan

Don't be scurred. 

Evster's note: My friend Annie texted me today saying she doesn't really care for all these collabo-jawns, but if there's one thing I don't care about, it's my readers. So below is an ACTUAL (somewhat analytical) email thread that took place yesterday in which myself, Feddd, and the woman for whom this blog was created (my beautiful, voluptuous wife, Darrie) broke down that slimy, artist butthead from Girls


FEDDD:  Can I ask you guys a Girls question? The artist dude that Marnie is dating (the guy from Lonely Island)...I am pretty certain that we (the audience) are supposed to realize he is a RIDICULOUS person and a huge doucher.

But do the people in the show think he's cool? I know Marnie does. But I thought everyone else kinda recognizes that he's terrible & ridiculous. My friends disagree. (I am referring to 2 male friends with whom I have been talking about Girls A LOT with.)
What do you guys think?

EV:  I think it's clear that he's a total weirdo tweedle, but I also think that he is seen as a respected up and coming NYC artist, so maybe they're poking fun of the art world?

What's his name? Booth Jonathan? God that's funny. 

FEDDD:  Okay, yeah, I agree with that. I think Lena Dunham must def be satirizing the art world. I just couldn't tell how Hannah and other people in the show (who aren't Marnie) felt about him.

I haven't finished the last ep but I saw the part where he freaks out about his assistant trying a little scoop of his ice cream, so I think he will eventually be revealed as a giant dick/weirdo.

DAR:  I might have happened to watch the latest episode last night while Ev was out (don’t tell Ev), and I also watched the Lena Dunham commentary at the end of the episode where she says that Booth Jonathan is sort of playing dumb, and of course he knows that ladies get attached to him and think he’s cool. So of course, he’s supposed to be a ridiculous character. 

His first appearance on the show he tells Marnie that he knows how to have sex! That’s ridiculous. But the show doesn’t say that’s ridiculous because it’s from the perspective of 23 year olds who don’t have the knowledge or confidence to call him on that sort of thing. And this season he locked Marnie in an art installation, which is not only ridiculous but abusive! Verdict – he is not cool. He happens to be famous, and perhaps at the core as insecure as those he takes advantage of…he just hides it better. 

Regarding your last comment about how other people on the show relate to him – I’m not sure they relate to him, but him through Marnie. It’s not like anyone seems to be particularly concerned about getting to know him or spending time with him. It’s just the approximation of him that they come into contact with through Marnie.

Lastly, I don’t understand not finishing a 30 minute episode. Did a woman come knocking on your door and want to have sex? 

FEDDD:  This is what I'm talkin' bout! Okay, I agree with all of that. That is helpful.

His first line is so ridiculous and cheesy, and I couldn't tell if the show, i.e. Lena Dunham in real life, was trying to portray him as cool to us. But no, I think she knows it is ridiculous to the viewer (at least many of us) but might totally work on a 23-year-old, especially someone like Marnie.

I was having a hard time separating how the audience is supposed to feel vs. how the characters feel. And how Lena Dunham feels IRL vs. how Hannah might feel. But I am going to just assume that Lena Dunnnz is self-aware and savvy, and is writing for characters a little younger and slightly more exaggerated than she is as a real person.

I fell asleep! When I am into a show, I bring my laptop into bed and basically watch until I can't keep my eyes open.

DAR:  I highly recommend watching her commentary at the end. It really keeps me from hating the characters sometimes, and you can really see how smart she is in her writing. 
And even though that line was cheesy, I could imagine myself as a 21-year-old thinking "that's cool." Sad, but true.

EV:  I'm poss posting this email thread as a TVMWW post tomorrow. It's intelligent, insightful and in no way like anything I've ever put on my dogshit website.

Calm down Dar I'm not really, but maybe.

DAR:  Yeah, beause why waste a personal interaction between friends when you could use it for social media?

FEDDD:  You're being a real Hannah right now, Mont Man. Not everything needs to be appreciated by an audience. (I am really just trying to push buttons soryyyyyyyyyyy!)

EV:  Not social media! Blog! Article! Journalism! I'm tryin' to say that you guys wrote really interesting commentary and I would like to include that in my blogblog that is completely void of anything intelligent!

DAR:  Blogs are social media!! But also, I don't care and I'm just giving you a hard time!!  But Feddd is really pissed.


You guys know that guy? That total dufus? You know who I'm talking about. That guy. He's a dufus. Like a total, total dufus. Rart? Yeah, him. He's a dufus. Well, in honor of Rart being a dufus, here's a picture of a really nice-looking gufus. (gufus = goose) 


  1. With Girls being one of the few shows you write about that I actually watch, I feel like I have something constructive to add (note: not constructive AT ALL). It is uncanny how at the end of every episode, I hate everyone involved with this show (including myself). And then I'm back the next week watching again. I have Girls Stockholm Syndrome.

    My wife HATES the show. And actively makes fun of me for watching it. And she watches 'Say Yes to the Bridesmaids' Hairstyle' all day.

    Booth Jonathan is the most ridiculous name in television history. And yet somehow seems so accurate. Gah, this show.

  2. Replies
    1. Ranked #6 on the TVMWW Best Shows of 2011!!! which is kinda strange because earlier that year, I proclaimed it the best show everrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    2. OK good because I love ladies falling face first into giant rubber balls, too.