Friday, August 10, 2012

TVMWW is on Vacashe -- in Norway! ... aka Norland! ... aka Nørblørbs!

Have you ever seen fresher air!

Your favourite shitbox of a blog is going away for a few weeks.

But don't worry! I've got plenty of ideas to keep you entertained while I'm spelunking in Scandanavia.

1. Eat a taco salad

Honestly, when's the last time you had a friggin' taco salad?

2. Listen to American Routes

If you're stressed at work or are driving through southern Arkansas, there's nothing more relaxing than listening to this blues/soul/all types-of-ill-music show from NPR. Listen to an episode here.

3. Read Some Other Isht

THE ETHICIST -- My main man Chuck Klosterman was recently hired as the new Ethicist for the New York Times and people have been criticizing him like whoa because people are idiots. The Ethicist is a Dear Abby'ish-type column where people write in and ask questions like, "I ordered a taco salad the other day for lunch, but ended up feeding it to my friend's dog because he wouldn't stop begging me to give him some. Well, the dog died because turns out dogs shouldn't eat taco salad. Do I have to tell my friend? I don't want to and his dog was kind of an asshole." And then Chuck has to respond by saying the guy would have to tell his friend because he was directly responsible for the dog's death even though the dog might have been a total dickhead and this was probably the worst possible example I could have given to try and get people to read this column.

It would actually be pretty damned hard to not give this dog some taco salad.

4. Pobcapsts

WTF with Marc Maron -- This guy Marc Maron is a total doucher comedian, but he happens to get the absolute best guests to come on and talk comedy on his podcasts. I recently listened to this episode with JB Smoove (Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm) who talked all about his days starting off in Stand-up to writing for SNL to auditioning for Curb. Absolutely fantastic. (Skip the first 13 minutes, it's just Marc Maron blabbing about nonsense. He's honestly the worst.)

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks -- Pretty aptly named. On each episode, Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanaugh (Ed, from that show Ed) pick a snack, eat a snack, talk about the snack and rate the snack.

This isn't even a particularly good-looking one!

All right, that should hold you over til I get back.

See you in a fortnight.

Or as the Norwegian say, a gørpnipe!

What are you from Nørland?

Not one thing about telelvision in this entire post ... what kinda blorg is this?!?!


  1. I was going to tell you to keep an eye out for Alexander Skarsgard... turns out he's Swedish. :/

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  3. Alright mister, vaca is over. Time for a new post.

    1. You're absolutely right!

      My wife sent me 16 emails today telling me she wants to watch Downton Abbey.

  4. Orrrr you could post about the Kardashian water birth episode...

    1. Haven't seen the Kardashibirth (or any television in the last week or so!), but mayyyyyy watch it On Demand and get this blog back to the shitbox that it is!

  5. ok "anonymous" we all know who you are...and i agree! that was Kardashian Krazy.

    1. I don't know who Anonymous is, but I did see a moose* in Norway!

      *I actually did NOT see a moose in Norway, which was very very sad, because I've never seen a moose, but there were "Watch out for Moose" signs everywhere!