Sunday, March 11, 2012

Super Fan @MrsHart06 Rocks her TVMWW T-Shirt


Like Meg's shirt?

Hand drawn by a world renowned blogger/grilled cheese maker. Only 15 smackaroos! (Willing to barter too. Also willing to haggle!)

Check out the rest of the TVMWW t-shirts here, including this jawn I just made for my friend @ThriftyRitts. She said she "might" wear it to the gym ... or at home!

The books are on fire! ... 'Cause they're boring!

I will seriously make you whatever shirt you want.

Now that the Knicks are relevant again, I just made my wife this bad boy:

Extra wrinkles!
Looks so friendly!
Son of an art teacher!

NBA logo stitched in (not stitched).

Soon (read: maybe soon?), I hope to have a whole t-shirt page on this site so you can buy stuff / order whatever TVMWW t-shirt or throwback jersey you want. Like this Real Madrid Mesut Özil jersey that I made in a parking lot before a game:

Now that's what I called wrinkled, volume 14!

If you want a shirt, or to unsubscribe from TV My Wife Watches in perpetuity, just send me an email at or just talk to me when you see me sleeping in the gutter!

Clyde Drex knows how to pound it!

Bachelor finale tomorrow night!

Bing bong!

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