Sunday, March 11, 2012

Before You Watch the Bach Finale, I Highly Highly Highly Recommend Checking Out the Boobs on the Reigning Jeopardy Champ

You can't tell from this pic, but they're honestly RI-DONK.

Starting Tuesday night with Western Kentucky vs. Mississippi Valley St (shout out Jerry Rice!), millions of Americans will go berzerker for college basketball players they’ve never even heard of.

But why wait til Tuez? If you tune into Jeopardy on Mondee night before the Bach, you can join me in going absolutely bonkers for the current 2-day returning champ, Jessamine, and her ENORMOUS CANNONS. 

Even my wife was blown away (and she’s the daughter of a plastic surgeon!) when she laid eyes on Jess's rim-rockers. Now, I don’t know much more about her – I missed the portion on Friday’s interview portion of the show – but I do know that I'll be rooting for her and her ridiculous yams a thousand times harder than I will for motherfreakin' Vinny Zollo.

I mean, clearly this shot is getting rejected, right?

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