Monday, October 10, 2011

TV My Wurf Welpches Needs a Schedule!

Time to get regular!

In year two of TV My Wurf Welpches, I'm planning on taking over this here blog game. So it's time to get regular -- and have a set TVMWW posting schedule*.

I'm gonna have one weekly post about a show My Worm is Waffling like RHWBH, The Bach (when it's on) or Whale Wars, a Wednesday Wifey post and one Wild Card post about whatever I feel like (Whale Wars).

For now, here's the schedj:

Tuesdee - Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (airs on Mondee nights)

Wednesday - Wednesday's Wifey

Friday (or whenever) - Who knows!

How about that Aunt Mandy?!

When I say "Vander" you say "PUMP!" ... Vander! ... PUMP! ... Vander! ... ____ !

*Obviously this could change. I mean, how am I gonna possibly write three posts in a week? It's football season for God's sakes!