Friday, September 23, 2011

New Sitcom: Republican Presidential Candidates Debate

Of course the black dude goes with the double-breasted!

There's this new sitcom on Fox News called Republican Presidential Candidates Debate that is absolutely hysterical!

The main premise of the show is: there's this group of dudes (and one chick) and they stand on a stage and just say outrageous things. It's really simple, but it's brilliant!

And there are all sorts of funny characters.

The main guys are these two total douchers - one's from Texas, the other's from Massachusetts - and they come up with crazy ideas like, "Hey, I'm gonna put a fence up on the entire southern border to keep Mexicans out!" or "Hey, teachers should be evaluated on their students' test scores!" or "Honestly, I don't care what happens, let's just get that black guy outta office!"


Then there's this guy named Rick - THIS GUY IS GREAT - who performs the entire show with a giant frog jammed inside his asshole. He also hates gay people. HE'S HILARIOUS.

This picture looks normal.

And then they also have the crotchety old guy who they never let speak, and the hilarious black dude who used to own a pizza chain, and some crazy lady who raised around 37 children and is now incapable of delivering a rational thought.

Anyway, I highly recommend checking this show out. The next airing is Tuesday, October 11.

So I found this on the internet.

I'm sure this conversation went realllllly well.


  1. At the first concert I ever saw, The Dead Milkmen spent roughly 40% of the show calling Ricky S. dirty words, but the strange thing is that for all their powers of description on that night not one of them realized he actually had a frog lodged in his lower intestine. Can you believe it's been up there for almost 20 years?!