Thursday, September 15, 2011

I Kinda Have to Blog About the Whole Sarah Palin - Glen Rice Thing, Right?

Glenbo's picture honestly looks like it was taken IMMEDIATELY after he took the Governor to the boneyard.

A bunch of people have been requesting that I blog about the Sarah Palin - Glen Rice thing, but I didn't really think it was that big of a story and I've also been VERY busy the last 24 hours looking at Scarlett Johansson's butt (and wearing socks - it's FREEZING in Philadelphia!).

But as far as their one-night stand, frankly, I get it.

If I were a 23-year-old sports reporter who wore fuzzy boots, I totally would've boinked Glen Rice. Have you seen him drain threes? That guy was a strokeaholic! The only reason I lost my virginity before I turned 30 was because I played high school basketball. Girls like athletes! I did also secretly have some incredibly devastating sexual maneuvers - a major asset - but up until that point the only one who was aware of them was my boxspring.

Let it be known: Booze is also Alaskan. 

The bottom line with this whole Sarah Palin - Glen Rice thing is:

A) chicks love athletes
B) chicks love black dudes
C) Sarah Palin just continues to get hotter and hotter

I already found S Dot crazy attractive, and now that I know she got J'd up by ole #41 and his perfectly boxed flat top, she's even hotter. And then couple that with the whole rumors of her doing cocaine and taking pictures of Scar-Jo ... I'm definitely voting for her (and then buying some fresh Columbian yayo).

Honestly, it seems like everyone in the 80's who was doing cocaine was having a much better time in their lives than I'm having today watching Millionaire Matchmaker. What the freak?

I blame Nancy Reagan.

Admit it, this is the most bonkers picture you've ever seen in your life.

For the record, if I had to name the top 5 strokaholics in the history of basketball, it'd be: 5. Reggie Miller, 4. Dale Ellis, 3. Glenbo, 2. Larry Boid, 1. this guy. Also, since when did most of the NBA strokaholics become black dudes?! This is so upsetting. Nancy Reagan was also possibly hot in her day. Just sayin'.


  1. Del Curry? Chuck Person? Surely, there is a reasonable explanation for their exclusion.

    I'm waiting.

  2. Apologies to Del Curry, Matt Bullard, Peja, JJ Redick, various small forwards from Indiana, Craig Hodges and Gerry McNamara. The Rifleman? meh.

  3. So this is _the_ first I've heard of this unlikely (but not _that_ unlikely) sexual matchup.

    Thank you, TVMWW! You're officially replacing Jon Stewart as my main source of credible news.