Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Power's Out - The Bats are Back - And I have a Fantasy Football Draft to Prepare For

Kinda hard to watch TV with Irene and Señor Bat around.  

Please excuse the lack of recent posts. I've been running around the house with a flashlight in my mouth trying to catch a bat with a butterfly net.

Last night, I actually got me a bat.

However, I currently have zero fantasy football mags. That might be the bigger problem.

In TVMWW's absence - and in honor of the MTV Video Music Awards that I secretly watched at my friend Law's house and still have no idea what Kreayshawn is - please enjoy the most erotic music video ever made.

Find Bat Battle Part Uno here
And read Bat Update aka Bapdate heeeeere


  1. Man, that is the most naturally beautiful voice that I've ever heard.

  2. not sure who is a better singer, Kim K, Melissa Gorga or Johnny Five from Short Circuit?


  3. I wonder how many people actually watched that video ... people, I implore you, WATCH THAT VID!!

  4. As a video editor I can really appreciate the shot progression there. Face, butt, face, butt, butt, face/butt, butt . . . simulated oral sex.

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