Friday, August 26, 2011

Jersey Shore: Today's Word is "Gully" ... andddddddd "Neck Brace"

I'm looking for a black V-neck, maybe with silver feathers on the shoulders? And a skull and crossbones across the front?

Just as thug derives from the Indian thuggee cult, gully is taken from the Indian definition of "street". The literal translation is alley. Gully, in Indian languages means dirty, street, dangerous. The origins of these words is Sanskrit.
US - Keep it gully! - Keep it raw/street.
India - That guy has respect in the gully - That guy has respect in the streets.
My Wife - It's about to get gully - Stop watching soccer or I'll seriously rip your balls off. 
Well, I never thought Ron-Ron would teach me a new vocabulary word, but I also never thought I'd see a grown man jumping into walls, provoking a gorilla to attack him - all while slobbering all over his own chin (and the floor!).

Slobberfest 2011 was incredible, but I'm not sure if Donkey-Rong truly understands the meaning of getting "gully." I mean, is taking someone's bed and throwing it all over the apartment really keeping it street?

I doubt there's a gang in North Philly that's currently smoking blunts in some staircase, scheming their next hit like, "Yo, yo, check it out, check it out. I know how to get back at T-Bone and them. Yo, late one night, we break into that muhhf**ka's house, knock over all his sh*t, and flip that n***a's bed, yo! We throw his mattress all over the place! His sheets, his box-spring, his cup of water that's been sitting on his end table for like 6 days and never been drank! Let's get gully on that muhhfugga. N***a won't know where to sleep!"

Also, did you notice how careful I was with all those asterisks on the ole N word? I used like 12 of them muhhfuhggas!

This is how real Gullys get down ... motherf***in' beach ballin'. 

You knew it was time for some action when Ron-Ron started talking to himself, though. That's never a good sign. I'd like to think that talking to yourself is a sign of true mental problems - or steroid use - but c'mon, it's pretty common. My friend Chicken claims that after a hard day of teaching, she'll spend her entire car ride home in a full fledged conversation with herself. After playing FIFA, I have entire press conferences breaking down AC Milan's performance. I was really impressed with Pato today. The young Brazilian is really coming on. Obviously, I'd like to see more from Ambrosini on the pitch - he is the skipper after all - but he picked up a knock. We'll hold him out of training this week so that he can be fit for our next match. Naploi always plays us hard, and Cavani is in great form.

So now MTV will make us wait an entire week (that is, if we survive this hurricane) to see Sitch in a neck brace. Here's the thing though, why does MTV break up the most exciting part of the show - teasing it for next week - but ALSO show us exactly what's going to happen on the scenes from the next? We know Sitch gets popped, we know he gets injured and we know he ends up in a Rue McClanahan neck brace. So what's my incentive to watch? Also, why am I asking so many rhetorical questions? There's another!

Let's go Redman!

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Or, check out the gulliest pair of boots ever!


  1. I honestly didn't even know that show was still on, until I saw the clip of spit-fest. Being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do the same thing over and over with tons of security and a camera crew is the LEAST gulliest thing I can think of.

  2. good news! You don't have to wait a whole week... Jersey Shore tonight B*tchessssssssssss.

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