Friday, July 29, 2011

What to Watch This Weekend While Your AC Blasts You in the Face

Well that's an interesting way of standing.

On the weekends, most Americans like to go out and live life, be part of the world, go to TJ Maxx - but for those of us in our 30's, we much prefer to stay home with the AC blasting and the TV on. So here are a few of TVMWW's suggestions as to what to watch this weekend.

For the NPR Type - Citizen U.S.A.: A 50 State Road Trip - HBO On Demand

With soccer taking over and the COUNTDOWN TO CRISIS looming, there is currently nothing lamer than being American - unless you're a farmer from Belarus. In HBO's doc Citizen U.S.A.: A 50 State Road Trip, director Alexandra Pelosi (Nancy's daughter!) films foreigners as they become U.S. citizens - and are seriously SO excited to be American. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll look into taking in an exchange student. I want one from Latvia!

Also, does anything give away foreign tourists more than their socks? No Europeans wear just plain tubers - their socks all have little patterns or furry animals on 'em. Also, is "foreign tourist" redundant? It must be.

How does hair even do that? ... Amazing.

For the Sports Fan - Barcelona vs. Manchester United - Saturday at 7pm on ESPN2

America Schmamerica - this game will be amazing! The world's two best teams play a friendly in DC before kicking off their European seasons in a few weeks. Barca will be without the world's best player, Leo Messi, but will still feature David Villa and his incredible haircut. Sorry ladies, no Becks or Cristiano Ronaldo here, but look for me in the stands, I'll be the dude with the gigantic 35 foot boner.

For the Moviegoer - The Trip - Some Indie Movie Theatre Where They Probably Serve Coffee and/or Scones

In case your AC goes on the fritz, head out to see The Trip with Steve Coogs. The Trip stars the aforementioned Steve Coogan and British comedic actor Rob Brydon as they play themselves on a road trip throughout the UK. Brilliant film, beautiful scenery, hilarious - the furthest thing from Hollywood - well, besides Bosnia.

Another type of tuber.

For the People who Actually Like This Blog - The Bachelorette: The Dudes Tell All - Sunday at 8pm on ABC

I hate myself for being so excited to hear Bentley mumble unintelligibly once again, but the guy is great American television. Add Ryan and his maniacal optimism and Ames's eloquence, and we're in for a doozie. The only thing is - on these shows - it always seems like some stiff who got no air time during the seez decides to step up and steal the spotlight. I kind of hope it's Wes, the dude who killed his ex-wife. Or was his name West? What the freak? Who names their child West?!?!

Only in Amurrica.


  1. holy crap i forgot about west. now i am definitely watch that thing, just in case he wants to explain "if i did it..."

  2. Your posts actually make me laugh out loud. BTW, re: Ben F's see-through sweater. My hub and I both agree that Ben's sister convinced him it was a good choice (and possibly her own sweater - not sure if you saw the Modern Family episode with Phil's women's cardigan) as an act of passive-aggressive sabotage. I like Ben F way more than JP, but you can keep his family.

    LOVE your writing! And congrats on getting married.

  3. Ok Boyfriend-now you're speaking My language. The Trip was so f'n funny. Not for everyone -just for sophisticated folks like you and me. ''Gentleman to bed-for we rise at 9....ish!

  4. This really makes me want to eat a scone. Nice rights.

  5. Joanna - West talked A LOT last night.

    Anonymouse - thanks for the positive reinforcement ... when are you going to admit to writing all those poems that I never understood?!?!