Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TVMWW is on Vacashe!

What you know about Mont Tremblant?

I'm writing this post with bruises all over my butt. Seriously. My bachelor party was this past weekend and my friends and the wonderful women of the Pumptown Tavern thought it'd be a good idea to wail my butt with a belt.

For those of you who may be confused, yes butts bruise, and yes I'm not technically married (yet). I'm actually getting married this weekend, hence TVMWW being on vacashe. You see, when I started this blog-blog in September, "TV My Wife Watches" had a much better ring to it than TV My Fiance Watches or TV My Girlfriend Watches or TV This Crazy Lady Who Happens to Make Wonderful Banana Bread Watches, so I went with it. For those of you who feel duped, I'm sorry. For those of you who are women of the Pumptown Tavern, I'm also sorry. I don't want another.

This woman is not my wife, nor is she from Pumptown.

If you're the type of person who loves excruciating pain and does want another (and another, and another, and seriously, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THOSE WOMEN?), check out some of TVMWW greatest hits while I'm away - such as ...

- My attempt at grilling a chicken after watching The Barefoot Contessa.

- A Bachelor post from this winter that all but ignored Ashley the Dancing Dentist.

- Along with my friend Feddd, revisiting a high school basketball game while playing alongside Kobe Bryant. Obviously this has nothing to do with TVMWW, but c'mon, I have a blog, I can do whatever I want!

- Like basketball? Here was my NBA Preview for dudes and chicks.

- Here's a Mad Men post that I honestly don't even remember writing, but I wanted to give a little variety here.

- Think reading is dumb? Watch this video of this dude doing bonkers bike tricks.

Now that's what I call TVMWW's Greatest Hits Vol. 37!

When I get back from my honeymoon in Pumptown, I'll be blogging about True Blood, Ice Loves Coco and GAME OF FRONES - hopefully with a fresh, pink, bruise-free butt ... see ya in a week!


  1. Pumptown? This is a gentlemen's club, yes?

  2. Yes'm.

    If you're going for a lappy, I recommend the 6 foot sweaty redhead. A true artist!

  3. Congrats Evan! photos of the buttocks, for one last viewing pre-nuptials? Man up!

  4. What the H?!?!?!?
    You're NOT married? I feel so used.

  5. You know what, let's put that behind us. TVMWW means too much - I can't have one little lie ruin this for me.

    OMG: Breaking News:

  6. My first visit to this blog after seeing the author at a party. Never realized your were infatuated with dudes with long hair.

    Looking forward to reading the blog going forward. My wife is considering writing a similar pieces titles "TV My Degenerate Husband Watches". The trick would be figuring out WHICH Tv I was watching.

  7. Are you done yet?

  8. Back from the honeymoon!

    My wife has VERY big breasts ... will be blogging about the Bachelorette shortly. And by "shortly" I mean "REALLY" big breasts.