Monday, June 20, 2011

Stuff I Made: The Last Day of Spring

Click here to watch on YouTube if this isht isn't working.

In honor of the last day of spring, here is my friend Hinkleberg's account of how this movie, The Last Day of Spring, came to be:
Evan and I suffered 26 hours to make this. Now it's your turn.

The Coolidge Corner theater in Brookline used to host open screenings and request that filmmakers make short films based on a monthly theme. Despite having over 30 days to prepare for "The Last Day of Spring," Evan and I waited until the Friday before and slapped this together following the premise, "Let's make something awful. And act like it's awesome." My recollection is that Evan mostly watched the World Cup while I sat in my bedroom editing and photoshopping furiously. But still, I think I put in about 26 hours total. And this is the result.

Imagine what 30 days could have yielded! (The same, only in widescreen.)


  1. Please help me. I can't stop watching this video. Why does it have to end with a 'Replay' option. If I actually had to push the play button again I think I'd be alright. But that little 'Replay' icon right in the middle of the screen at the end. I can't stop. I think to myself - I'll just watch till Ev says "I have two chickens." But then I need to see Hinkleberg's little knee dip again. Then I can't press stop during the Karate Kid 2 song. Then, "burned that bridge." And then, the icon again. Please G-d, help me.

  2. Hinkleberg does a great knee dip!

    How good was Fun-Dip?