Thursday, June 23, 2011

Operation TV TAKEOVER Continues: Season 2 of Louie Starts Tonight!

Not Louie Anderson.

I highly recommend watching Louie tonight on FX - a brilliant show written and directed by Louis C.K. Tonight's the season 2 premiere. This is probably the most serious blogpost I've ever written. Let's change that. Here's a picture of a wolf carving a pumpkin.

This wolf's name is Marion! 


  1. Kevvvvbo, c'mon. It's all about quality, not quantity. Let's get 'em on the next one.

  2. Geez Louis(e) Gabulous, can't a guy just put up a short post to recommend a TV show? And a wolf photographer?

  3. I for one like the wolf, or any picture of an animal doing something. More animal pictures!!!!

  4. Anything my wife wants, she gets!!

    Stacks on deck
    Wolves on sites
    and we can pop bottles all night
    Katie you can have whatever you liiiiiiiike.
    You can have whatever you liiiiiiike.

  5. Man, Louie was TERRIBLE. Chap's was AMAZING.