Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Morning Scone: Houston, We Have Some Frenching!

So humid in Thailand ... check out those leg hairs.

After three weeks of pecking and nuzzling, Ashley the Bachelorette finally jammed her tongue into a dude's mouth. JP was the lucky recipient, who had unsuccessfully tried an open-mouth kiss last week and failed. Pretty much every other guy has tried a jam-job as well, only to have their efforts thwarted but Ashley's insistence on keeping her lips locked. But now that Ashley has broken the ice, I expect her to French pretty much anybody and everybody, including Chris Harrison and that Thai rug salesman.

A proper blog post to come later today, possibly tonight, possibly six weeks from now.

So there's the debut of The Morning Scone! Also, there's no way that I post every morning.


  1. Evan, there is no way you even know what a scone is.

    Also, what a coincidence. My post this morning was about Frenching, too.

    (shameless plug)


  2. Not only do I ABSOLUTELY know what a scone is, I LURVE SCONES!

    Also, The Morning Scone will NOT be a daily thing ... but will go up de temps en temps ... JE PARLE FRANCAIS AUSSI!

    Un petit peu.