Monday, June 20, 2011

The Morning Scone: Celebrate the Last Day of Spring with Miss USA

Flashing the devil horns - very telling.

Congratulations this morning to Alyssa Campanella, the new Miss USA. Alyssa seems like a very peculiar beauty contestant - including as her passions: history and SPACE EXPLORATION. She also claims to be BEST FRIENDS with runner-up Miss Tennessee - totally normal, to be best friends with some lady from the other side of the country who you just met that week. Totally normal.

Congratulations also to the 27 viewers out there who finished watching Season One of The Killing. Last night, I almost put my fist through a wall (SPOILER ALERT) after the season ended WITHOUT divulging the killer. Instead, they threw a final wrinkle into the last scene where some guy mumbled something that my wife and I couldn't understand. The character who mumbled is a character who often mumbles, because apparently mumbling is a charming quality in a television character (see: Barbarino, Vinny).

I will be celebrating this last day of spring by watching The Bach tonight, but you should kick the day off by watching Hooray For Funn's, "Last Day of Spring", my favorite video that we ever made. Watch here.

You can still find 'em.

Great week of TV watching coming up: Wimbledon (all week), Ice Loves Coco (whenever I see that it's on), The NBA Draft (HOLY ISHT! Thursday) and True Blood aka a show that I think is so dumb / sort of entertaining and that my wife goes FRIGGIN BONKERS for! (Sundee)  


  1. Did we already compare mumbles to a poorly developed muppet? #ihatethatfuckingshow

  2. Thank God you and Thad read this blorg ...

    Thinking of putting up a post tomorrow that says, "Hey Thad and Gabbers, what'd you have for dinner last night?" and see if anyone notices.