Monday, June 6, 2011

The Killing Is Back!

My wife wants them to do it!

Great episode last night!

Blog post to come in the next 4-16 business days!

In the meantime, send in your questions, comments and stories about the time you almost killed your little brother to Or, do something else, like:

- make a tuna melt
- take a nap
- search Google for pictures of dogs with sunglasses
- start your own damn blog


  1. I F*CK*NG HATE THE KILLING. Seriously, it's so slow and annoying. Get over it people, nothing is EVER going to happen! Game of Thrones is the new GOD.

  2. The wife and I ALMOST watched Game of Frones the other day, but decided instead to watch Parks and Rec.

    Really, Ev? That's f*ck*ng interesting dude!