Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday's Wifey: Khloe Kardashian

Lamar Odom has never looked cooler, but is that a lion on his shirt? And lasers?

Poor Khloe Kardash. If it isn't sad enough that she's by far the least attractive Kardashian (including Rob), now on the one day where she gets to be TVMWW's Wednesday Wifey, her sister Kim steals her thunder by getting engaged to a white person.

Why are Khloe's sleeves so short?!?!

I gotta hand it to Khloe though, she's the only one of her sisters who seems to actually be in a successful relationship. (WITH MOTHERFREAKING LAMAR ODOM BY THE WAY!!! HOW IS HE NOT SO EMBARRASSED TO BE ON THAT TV SHOW?!?! AND THE CRAZIEST THING IS, THEY SEEM TO REALLY BE IN LOVE!!! AND I'M HAPPY FOR THEM!!)

Kim's fiancé is a mediocre ballplayer while Kourtney's fella, Scott Disick, is one of the all-time biggest douchebags ever.

As if the sweater move wasn't enough ... lavender!!!

For the record, here are some pictures of the other all-time biggest douchebags:

Bronson Arroyo

That's a cool facial expression. 

The Million Dollar Man, Ted Dibiase

This guy had a slave! ... Virgil!

Oh hell, can I just show more pictures of Bronson Arroyo? THIS GUY IS SERIOUS!!!

I'd say we're looking at around a 117 degree obtuse angle. 

The Million Dollar Man woulda choked this dude!

A deep sea of blankets.

Wednesday's Wifey everybody!!

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  1. A deep sea of blankets. Easily your most incredible photo caption ever.

  2. DiBiase also tried to purchase Hercules from Bobby Heenan. At least Ted was an equal-opportunity slave owner.

  3. Aubre, I'm kind of insulted by that comment.

    Wrestling Nerd - Are you just posting to make a move on the Aubre-train? ... because it is JAM PACKED.

  4. Why would you think Humphries is White, he's halfsies. In America that makes you black. Or yellowish.

  5. Yeah, but he's still a mediocre basketball player, so I'm calling him white.