Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stuff I Watch: Tyler, the Creator, of Odd Future - aka a Guy Who is Going Bonkers

I'm still trying to get used to black dudes who skateboard, but I support them.

If you haven't heard of Tyler, the Creator, from the rap group Odd Future, you will soon.

He's completely bonkers, a polarizing rapper in the mold of Wu Tang and Mos Def, who is strangely engaging and addictive. This past week, while touring the country to promote his first solo album, "Goblin," Tyler was detained by police for disturbing the peace in LA and later started a riot at an album signing in Boston. I do not think he watches Real Housewives of anything.

I figured I'd post a few videos and links of Tyler, the Creator, doing his thang for your weekend perusal.

Here's a link to an NYT feature on Mr. Bonkerstein. 

Below is a video from a February appearance on Jimmy Fallon where Tyler wore a ski-mask for most of the performance and showed off some unbelievable swiveling skipping moves. Also, watch for Mos Def at the very end, who comes out of nowhere and starts screaming "SWAG!" into the camera. 

Below is his single "Yonkers." Clearly Tyler is trying to do something. I'm not sure what and I don't know if I'm into it, but he's definitely trying to do something and I like when people try to do things.

In this interview with Nardwuar below, you get to see Tyler's personality; sort-of annoying and immature, but also just a young kid having fun with his friends. Last week, my friends and I went to a 1 year-old's birthday party and then made egg salad sandwiches.

Overall, I think like what Tyler, the Creator, is doing. I wouldn't necessarily bring him to my family's Passover seder, but then again, I think he'd really enjoy watching my father eat gefilte fish.

Lastly, here's a link to the new Beastie Boys extended video movie “Fight For Your Right (Revisited),” with appearances from a ton of comedic actors including Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Amy Poehler and not Mario Lopez.


  1. egg salad sandwiches! You R The man-funny as hell.

  2. This is the most serious post I've ever written!

    You are on quaaludes!

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