Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Podcast Episode 3: Attack of the Scones - Evan and Nate Discuss The Royal Wedding

Before Osama Bin Laden slept with the fishes, people were all excited about the Royal Wedding. So were Evan and Nate, although Evan seemed a bit more excited.

Listen to podcast episode 3 here.

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  1. Nate! Thanks for classing up the joint a bit.

  2. Yeah, thanks Nate!

    Now come over and clean up our guest bedroom that you left a pigsty!

  3. This is an act of audio brilliance. To quote Evan, "It's crap, but it happens to be riveting." God bless the internet.

    I actually listened to this whilst drinking chocolate milk, which a small segment of this mass audience will appreciate, and nearly snorted it at 5:20, 9:59 and 12:15, to name just a few.

    Can we get an episode 4? Encore!

    More, more, more!

  4. Haley, can you write me a recommendation to get into Vet school?

    I love frogs!