Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Killing: Not Quite Twin Peaks, But Then Again, What Is?

I'm guessing Professor Plum.

TV My Wife Watches has had some MAJOR breakthroughs this week. For one, I started a podcast that has received nothing but HORRIBLE reviews. On Twitter, I documented my attempt at building the world's first nacho-making-robot, and earlier this week, my wife suggested that I change the name of this blog from TV My Wife Watches to TV Me Weef Wooches.

But of all the additions to the TV Me Weef Wooches empire, the one that is most compelling is the fact that my wife and I have become invested in AMC's new DRAMA, The Killing.

TV Me Weef Wooches is stepping into uncharted waters by blogging about a show that has no hunky bachelors, no dancing pseudo-celebs and only one crazy housewife who can't control her emotions. That housewife is played by Maryann from True Blood, and I must say, that during the first episode, she did a marvelous job of not turning into a maenad and eating anyone's heart. I'm thinking that she'll definitely win an Emmy for this role, because I seriously expected her eyes to go black and for her to slice everybody's throats whenever she came on screen. 

That's not a knife, this is a ...

If you haven't heard of The Killing, the main premise is that Maryann's teenage daughter gets murdered and the rest of the series is spent trying to figure out the killer (unlike Law and Ords where Ice-T gets to the bottom of every rape/homicide in a little under an hour while Coco takes pictures backstage of her insane ass). The Killing totally rips off Twin Peaks (it even takes place in the Pacific Northwest), but it's about goddamn time that my wife starting watching something other than reality television and shows about Mormons, so I'm not complaining.

Obviously, if you really know me, or follow TV Me Weef Wooches, you'll know that I'm clearly still complaining, especially about the fact that this show TOTALLY ripped off Twin Peaks. It's not nearly as good or close to as bizarre, but then again, I've only seen a grand total of five episodes of Twin Peaks and didn't understand one minute of what I was watching. Even more disturbing is the fact that I recently found out that my wife's family used to watch Twin Peaks TOGETHER, as a family, as in, "Katie! Nickkkkk! Come downstairs quick, Twin Peaks is starting! Your father's making popcorn and you'll need therapy as a result, but you'll better appreciate midgets if you come down now!"

At this pt on TV Me Weef Wooches, I'm looking for ANY excuse to post pics of this woman.

Overall, The Killing seems pretty good. With The Bachelor on hiatus, The Killing fills a void, even though that void is the biggest, deepest, saddest void ever. I'd promise that I'll blog about it consistently every week, but I also said the same thing about Wednesday's Wifey, and look where that got me.

The Killing airs Sundee nights on AMC at 10 o'clock.

You can rent Twin Peaks on Netflix, I highly recommend it, but would not show it to children under the age of 37.


  1. Just started watching. Decent enough for Sunday night. Anything to spare me from watching more Law and Order.

  2. Twin Peaks=Family fun night!! PS. The detective from The Killing is definitely no Agent Cooper...she seems traumatized. Maybe she watched Twin Peaks for family tv night.

  3. Hey Anonymous, I've never understood ANY of your poems!

    Thanks for reading!