Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bachelor Tonight: Interview With a Vampire (and 17 Other Crazy Mofos)

ZZ Top would be uber-excited for all the legs shown tonight. 

So next week is the season finale of The Bach, but TONIGHT is the "Women Tell All" show or "Behind the Rose" or "Behind the Secret Rose" or "An Evening Without Charlie Sheen," or "A Show That Charlie Rose Would Never Agree To Host." It's the night where they bring back all those crazy women and blab about what went on this past season (underneath the rose petals). Essentially, it's the one night where Chris Harrison actually has to work for a living.

Some people see this as a great opportunity to take a week off from The Bach and say, do something with their lives, but those are also the same people who tonight will probably be watching Bravo. These shows actually have a great track record. Remember, this was the format for when Jason Mez dumped whatsherface in favor of whatshername. And also when Jake announced to the world that he was one day going to choke a bitch. I'm most looking forward to seeing eighteen ladies with REALLY shiny legs, freshly shaved and glistening for the national TV audience.

Most likely, it'll be a snoozefest, with one or two ladies who we don't even remember attempting to steal the spotlight with stories that include way too much giggling. I also don't think Emily nor Chantal will be on. But, there will be eighteen ladies with REALLY shiny legs.

They're honestly so shiny.


  1. You are a funny blogger! Keep the posts coming. That's all I have to say cause we are about to watch this on dvr now. Can't wait!

  2. Thanks Jeanine Garofalo! Asalam alofalo!