Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TVMWW's Header Picture Contest: And The Winner Is ... Not Unveiled Yet

Thank you so much to the five actual human beings who took time out of their lives to submit pictures for the TV My Wife Watches New Header Picture Contest.

Of the five submissions, three of them came from idiots in my fantasy football league while two came from absolute strangers. That's 40% from absolute strangers. Forty percent. Let's check 'em out.

Artist:  Little Danny Dickdog - Charleston, South Carolina
Best known for trading away Michael Vick to his older brother (and eventual champion) in my fantasy football league. Also once had a ponytail.

Artist:  Gabulous - Illadelph
Renowned blogging commenter and lover of soup. Check out her artsy website here.

Artist:  Law - Illadelph
Gargantuan 6'4'' friend from elementary school who may or may not LOATHE this blog. I showed him the other entries and he CLEARLY thought his was the best. Follow Law on Twitter here.

Artist:  Loaves - Beantown
Middle school buddy who convinced me to quit my 8th grade basketball team so I could set fires with him and two other idiots. Underneath TVMWW it says, "blog blog blog blob blah." Also, Loaves claims that green thing there is a close-up of his couch. Fifth place.

Artist:  Dave - Beantown 
Degenerate sports fan who blogs about obscure Philly athletes on his blog, Where Is Ben Rivera? My wife was flabbergasted that The Facts of Life was left out of his collage.

Anybody have any thoughts before I pick the winner like my name is Moammar Gadhaffi?


  1. If you want to go from ashy to classy, def pick tha bestie, which is obviously mine.

  2. You should just add all five to the one you already have. This blog is basically about scrolling down anyway.

  3. I can't believe I forgot Facts of Life. What an oversight.

  4. We've gone from ashy to classy.

    I'm so excited to one day go back to ashy.

  5. What is she supposed to be watching up there, Court TV?

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