Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DWTS: See Ya Derek Hough!

What is this move? The double-thumbs-up eyebrow-raise lip-waggle?

Well, your boy Derek Hough is leaving Dancing With the Stizzles, taking a year off to pursue a film career. Derek claims that he'll be filming a movie called Cobu 3D where he'll play a street dancer who uses his hips to dance right in people's faces.

Derek and I have had a rollercoaster of a ride together. At first, I proclaimed him the world's most annoying person. Then, he blew my mind with his incredible dance moves and remarkable restraint to not choke out Jennifer Grey. Personally, I don't believe that he's actually going to be filming a movie. I'm thinking he's going to be taking advantage of his God given abilities to become the greatest waiter in T.G.I.Friday's history.

Here's a link to all of my DWTS posts from this past seez. Also, below is another picture of Derek making a face that makes me want to put my fist right through my computer monitor.

All in all though, I kinda like him!

Derek and Cher.


  1. FYI, That's not Cher, it's Shannon Elizabeth.


    Thanks for pointing that out. I totally thought for sure that was Cher! Because Cher is so relevant and is always hanging out with cast members from DWTS. Thanks for clearing that up for me Anonny.

    Please come to my house tomorrow morning so you can make sure that I don't pour white paint into my cereal bowl.

  3. Oh, so you're saying you misidentified her on purpose? Who knew. Was calling her Cher supposed to be funny? I hate to presume at this point for fear I'll be invited to do something far more unsavory than come over for breakfast. I've never watched the show or checked out your blog before. Clearly I've made several mistakes today. Good luck with your blog and future in comedy.

  4. Yes, calling her Cher is funny! Because she's not Cher!

    You know what else is funny? ... Breakfast!

  5. Even if I did think it was Cher ... EVEN IF I DID THINK IT WAS CHER ... would I have written a caption that just said "Derek and Cher"?

    That's like putting up a picture of waffles with a caption that says, "waffles."

    C'mon Anonny! You're better than that!