Friday, December 17, 2010

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Went To a Fight and a Hockey Game Broke Out

Seriously, what are Skechers Shape-ups?
Apparently when Bravo gets a group of housewives from Beverly Hills together for a dinner party, an episode of Around the Horn breaks out.

Holy smokes!

What a s**t-show!

To be honest, I only watched the fifteen minutes of the show when the women were screaming at each other, but I think that was enough to get the gist of the argument. I gathered that one of the ladies was upset because the other said something about her and the other one was upset because she doesn't like the nonverbal body language of the other and the other lady pretended to not be upset because she doesn't care about the other lady and then finally the other lady got upset because her marriage is going down the tubes and she tends to just get upset.

Personally, I'm just upset at the current plastic surgery trends in relation to women's lips.

I also don't get what's going on with Skechers Shape-ups. Are they prosthetic sneakers? What are prosthetic sneakers? And why is Karl Malone endorsing them? And Brooke Burke? And Joe Montana? And Kim Kardash?

Apparently, Skechers Shape-ups totally round your boobs .... Look how round they are!

I'll seriously do anything Kim Kardashian tells me to.

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