Thursday, December 23, 2010

Action News + General Tso's Chicken

A quick apology to all the loyal readers of TV My Wife Watches this morning for not putting up a longer blog post today. It's just that I went out for Chinese food with my wife last night and just so happened to be sitting next to a guy by the name of Vernon FUCKING Odom

Hey Ev, what'd you do last night? .... Oh, not much. Went out for a bit, got some Chinese food, relaxed, a little beef and pineapple .......... Oh, yeah, and did I mention I hung out with a guy who goes by the name of VERNON ODOM everybody?!?!?


  1. Whatever, it's not that big of a deal, get over it ... it's just Vernon Odom ... just the guy who like reports on all sorts of things like school closings and septa strikes and stuff ... okay fine, yeah, he was wearing his Action News hat, and fleece, but get over it, it's just Vernon fucking Odom ... only like the fucking best Action News reporter ever ... I'm not sweating it either, IT'S REALLY NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL ... he's just a guy like me and you ... just a guy with a FUCKING ACTION NEWS FLEECE ... AND HAT ... AND HAT!! ... NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL!

  2. hahaha, amazing. i hope you had good chit chat. sound like a nice evening spent. but please keep updating more. i look forward to it with so much love!