Monday, November 1, 2010

To Celebrate My 38th Blog Post ... Thank You Denmark!

Nicklas is firebirded up for my write-up on Ellen!
In honor of our one month anniversary here at TV My Wife Watches, I thought it'd be appropriate to give you, my faithful readers some inside access into the statistics of the world's lamest blog.

Blogspot allows its bloggers to track how many blog hits they receive and where the blog hits are coming from each day and more blogtype stuff regarding their blog blog blogs.

Where are the hits coming from?

My friend Aubre, who writes the blog Thrifty Rittenhouse is responsible for directing the most hits to my blog blog blog. She has my blog blog linked on the side of her blog and is directly responsible for any kind of traffic I receive. I have another friend Karin, who writes the blog Single In The City, and is responsible for considerably less blog blog hits than Aubre and is therefore considered less of a friend. Even less of a friend than Karin is a dude I went to college with named Rap who writes for a website in LA (Fitness) called ifollo where people write stories about meeting celebs. He got me to write a story about Kobe for his site and in turn allowed me to shamelessly whore out my blog blog on his site.

Best Google Searches

Blogspot also allows you to see what Google searches direct people to your blog blog. The best of the month of October were:

- Chris Evert barefoot
- whole chicken grill barefoot
- Brandy sucks
- Ellen got to say papaya
- DWTS Audrina implants

Mark Harmon knows what I'm talking about!
No Thanks, I'm Just Browsering

I have no idea why I'm including this ridiculously boring information, but Firefox is the leading internet browser these days (40%) with Internet Explorer right behind at 38%. Safari sits way back at 16%. Something called FIREBIRD channels in less than 1% of the visitors but should clearly be doing better ... FIREBIRD!

A real movie!
TV My Wife Watches is HUGE in Denmark!

Although most of the blog blog visitors over the past month came from America, the blog got 31 hits from Denmark. Far behind Denmark was The Philippines, Canada, Germany, Russia, Spain and the UK. Indonesia and South Korea only brought me two stinking visitors. That's probably where people are using Firebird. 

I Shoulda Just Made a Don McDick Blog

The Don McDick video (which has nothing to do with TV My Wife Watches, although my wife does really enjoy watching that video) leads the way in pageviews, proving that I hate the internet. My collaboration with Aubre was the 4th most viewed blogpost, showing that Aubre's readers would rather watch a guy rub a grilled cheese sandwich all over his face than read something.

Thanks for reading the blog blog this past month! Without you, my faithful readers, all of this would probably still be possible because there's only around eleven of you.

And a special shout-out to my homies in Denmark ... I love Nicklas Bendtner!

TV My Wife Watches is certainly Det er venstrehåndsarbejde!


  1. Evan, I'm noticing that while you're noting how much less of a friend I am to you for my poor blog-directing skills, I'm noticing that you are not returning the love in any form by, say, posting my blog on your site.

    Why is that? What level of friend might I consider you? Hm?

  2. Karin, I didn't get into this blog game to make friends ... I got into it for the straight cheddar!

    Also, I am planning on selling my ad space exclusively to blogs about monkeys.