Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stuff I Made: Carl's First Day

Carl's First Day was produced by David Strand and Strand Marketing as a trade show video for Strand's "Odd Duck" campaign in 2006. They wanted to make something a bit different to catch people's eye and hired us to make their video after seeing Bill Gets Fired and Melvin's Kitchen. It was later selected to the New Hampshire Film Festival. People in New Hampshire drink a lot.

Conan Skyrme and I wrote the sketch at a Perkin's Diner somewhere near Newburyport, MA in the middle of the night after meeting with Strand. We were driving along and Conan ad-libbed the opening monologue, so we decided to pull over for some pancakes. This remains the only time I have ever eaten at a Perkins.

I don't remember how we got the duck for the movie. I seem to remember David Stand handling that. The film was shot and edited by Afton Grant, who once promised to take me to a range to shoot guns, but backed out at the last minute. Still to this day, I have never shot a gun. Thanks, Afton.

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