Sunday, November 28, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi Koated Nights Is OUT OF CONTROL

Not pictured: Mr. Luscious's sock.
Just a quick blurb about tonight's episode of Real Freaky Ladies of Atlanta aka The Greatest Show Since NBA Jam Session with Ahmad Rashad and Willow Bay (with a full recap coming later this week):

When will this guy make a cameo?
Kandi's internet show is absolutely bonkers and I love the way she talks out of the side of her mouth like Shaq. Also, I am liking Kim more and more each week, especially now that we found out she had a lesbian relationship with some chick named Tracy (Chapman?).

Mr. Luscious? He needs to become a professional wrestler.

Nene's relationship with Greyyyyyyyyygggggg is really in a bad place. Seemed like for a second there they were going to patch things up, but now I wouldn't be surprised to see her linked with Zaza Pachulia just to spite Greyyyygggggg.

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