Tuesday, November 9, 2010

On My Radar: The A List

You can still find 'em.

I mentioned this briefly a few weeks ago, but there's a new show on Logo (yep, that's a channel) called The A List that has great potential to completely explode your brain out of your skull. 

The A List follows a bunch of gay dudes from New York City (similarly to Real Housewives) as they flounce about town, go on modeling shoots, skinny dip on Fire Island and just act really really gay. Some of the cast members are tolerable, some are almost tolerable and one is absolutely precious.

Look, I tried to think of a better word to describe him than "precious" and I realize that this blog is getting gayer and gayer by the minute, but yo, the ONLY word to describe this dude is "precious." I even put "precious", "adorable", "sweet", "kind" and "completely shaved" into a thesaurus to find a less gay word, but to no avail. His name is Rodiney, he's Brazilian, speaks broken English and his brutish boyfriend is constantly neglecting him. And all Rodiney wants is to be loved. If they make a Rodiney stuffed animal, I'm getting one.

Anyway, I realize that no one actually watches this show and writing about it is pointless, but if you're scanning the channels and find The A List, give it a shot.

Also worth checking out on Logo is a show called RuPaul's Drag U where drag queens are given makeovers in an attempt to find their inner diva. When they're finished, RuPaul holds a draguation which is equal parts amazing and terrifying.