Monday, October 11, 2010

Stuff I Watch: Nardwuar The Human Serviette

Nardwuar and Drake: Tougher Than Leather
My buddy Law recently turned me onto Nardwuar, a quirky and eccentric (read: dorky) disc-jockey from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Nardwuar has gained popularity for his deeply researched and original interviews with major stars in the music world. His modus operandi is to blow the stars' minds throughout the interviews by presenting them with obscure vinyl records or little known facts that have in some way influenced their lives and/or music.

Best Buds.

Most artists spend their entire interviews in absolute awe, mouths wide open and laughing hysterically as to how Nardwuar has dug up his material. Drake constantly repeats, "This is amazing!" as Nardwuar shows him an old album made by his uncle, Larry Graham. When interviewing Matisyahu, Nardwuar recites rap lyrics by Stan Ipcus, a little known (but dope) rapper and friend of Matisyahu's (Stan Ip also happens to be a graduate of my alma mater, the University of Murrrland). Both Drake and Matisyahu spend their entire interviews with beaming smiles on their faces, a clear indication of how much they appreciate Nardwuar's originality.

I linked below to Nardwuar's interviews with Drake, Matisyahu and Snoop Dogg, who Nardwuar has interviewed a host of times over the past ten years and has built up an endearing friendship with (kind of like Of Mice and Men or Shaq and Nate Robinson). For the record, my wife also thoroughly enjoyed these interviews, but then again I think she also has a crush on both Snoop and Matisyahu.