Monday, October 18, 2010

Stuff I Might Watch This Week That My Wife Doesn't Even Watch

Looks like I'll be watching Ellen again today.

Monday on Ellen: Russell Brand

Tuesday on Regis and Kathie Lee: Pee Wee Herman

Friday on Ellen: Wanda Sykes

Pop champagne, oh-oh! Pop champagne!
Posts coming later this week: Ellen (w/ Christina Hendricks), Law and Order SUV, Mad Men Season Finale, Dancing With the Stizzies and who knows what other complete crap?!?!

For the record, my wife also says there's a new show on Logo called, The A List (that is essentially like Real Housewives, but all gay dudes) that is COMPLETELY out of control. I watched for about 7 minutes with her and then went into our kitchen and started jamming my eyeballs with an ice pick.

And apparently we have a channel called Logo.

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