Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stuff I Made: Cooking and Stretching With Don McDick

The idea for Cooking and Stretching With Don McDick (Stretch Expert and Cookmaster) was conceived by Nate Laver and remains in my opinion the dumbest thing Hooray For Funn! has ever shot. However, it was selected to Boston's Best of Open Screen and is widely considered to be the most popular video we ever filmed.

When the "Grilled Cheese" video was shown at the Best of Open Screen, a man sitting behind me started laughing so hard that I thought he might be choking on his popcorn. Nate, feeling that we might be onto something, quickly wrote the script for the second Don McDick short, "Hot Chocs." We filmed that shortly after (once again in Nate's kitchen), but never did shoot Nate's third installment, "Steak in a Bag."

Watch for a breakout performance by Cheese McDickwich, his first and only appearance in a Hooray For Funn! production. 


  1. How can there be no comments after watching a Don McDick clip? Seriously, "McDick Thick"...."Monkey, you're a disgrace to your family" nothing?

    Good Stuff Chonner.


  2. Thanks Schmoop. Don McDick is still waiting for a call from The Food Network (or Versus).

  3. Evan, I've seen this before and didn't remember the part where you rubbed the cheese all over your beard.


    Curious if you ever ate the sandwich or if it somewhere in the Don McDick hall of fame?

  4. BTW -- my favorite thing about HFF videos was the energy and time put into the credit sequences, seemingly much more elaborate than the actual video content.

  5. Ah yes Karin, the video is LAYERED! ... made that way on purpose so that every time you watch it, you see something new!

    Also, if you like credits, you'll love The Last Day of Spring ... found here:

  6. Don McDick is the complete opposite of Uncle Chuck, but both are famous for their grilled cheeses...

  7. Maybe three people who read this know who Uncle Chuck is ... MAYBE three.

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