Friday, October 8, 2010

Real Housewives of D.C.: The Abridged Version

I gotta admit, I caught very little of the Real Housewives of D.C. this season, only watching bits and pieces over the last few weeks. I did however catch a scene where that crazy White House couple talked to some dude about writing a book, which was absolutely mind-blowing. 

Here are some of the other mind-blowing things about the latest edition of this mind-blowing TV series:

38 years old
This woman is not 38 years old. She's not even 39 years old. I know this because no 38 year old woman looks like she's 65 years old.

Slightly older than 38
I do think it's nice that this lady happens to be in a relationship with the dude from Amistad. Although, I am a little surprised that he fancies women who are 65 years old.
Nice clavicles
I did not see these two women do anything all season, but I imagine that the white lady is out of her mind, while the black lady is potentially somewhat likeable (I am basing this on the fact that she has her real hair and is not white).

And then there's this guy.
Staring right at you

Back to the White House couple and their potential book deal; this is what I would rather do than read their book:
Real Authors of DC

1. Read any other book.
2. Substitute teach in a 7th grade Social Studies classroom.
3. Watch some hockey game at a bar next to a guy who happens to be unemployed and insists on telling me what he does everyday, which includes: updating his blog, preparing dinner and going to the gym "for at least an hour."

I look forward to the reunion when all five women will Vaseline their legs up causing a blinding glare on my TV screen. 

And then there's this guy.

Hello again.