Thursday, October 7, 2010

Phillies Baseball: That Guy Pitched Good!

"Carlos Ruiz been berry berry good to me."
What better way to discuss Roy Halladay's no-no than with bullet points?!

- Holy moley!

- Honestly, how is the Philadelphia Daily News SO GOOD at coming up with back-page headlines?! Does Don Draper write these? Brilliant!!

- Did you notice that during Doc's post-game interview with David Aldrige, he gave ALL the credit to Carlos Ruiz and his teammates? So humble (it was almost a little ridiculous). Did you also notice Scott Palmer creeping in the background?

Not just a monkey guy, a Winner Monkey guy. Aloha.
- Darrie got home from work during the 7th inning to find my Dad laying on our couch with my slippers on. This was not good. She was tired, cranky and hungry so I offered her a leftover cheeseburger that I had grilled back in the 2nd inning. She declined (because it had Swiss cheese on it). Why don't any women like Swiss cheese?! And I know, I know, I shouldn't have made the burgs with Swiss cheese in the first place knowing that she doesn't like it, but it's all we had in the house!!

- During the 8th inning, I tried to hold Darrie's foot (you know, to show a little affection to my tired, cranky wife) and almost got bucked like her name was Secretariat. It was at this time when my father started taking pictures of the television screen (blocking Darrie's view) while shouting, "We're witnessing history, Dar! We're witnessing history!"

- On the final out, it looked like Brandon Phillips was purposely running five feet inside the base-line, trying to get pegged. What a play by Chooch! Maybe Doc was right to give him all the credit.

- Let it be known that Dar hopped on the Chooch bandwagon very early on in his career. He is undoubtedly one of the most popular Phils these days and my wife lets me know this at least once a game. She (and I) are also big Shane Victorino fans simply because of his Winner Ford radio commercials. "I'm not just a Ford guy, I'm a Winner Ford guy. Aloha."

- I did some snooping on the webpages of Cincinnati's newspapers this morning and found these 10 fun facts about Scott Rolen. Check them out, they are probably the most 10 boring facts about any boring person ever.

- It should also be noted that Dar is a Yankees fan and was quick to remind me that Yankee Don Larsen is still the only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the postseason and that perfect games are better than no hitters. And I will now be heading to the supermarket to get a pound of Swiss cheese. Aloha!

I have yet to find a woman in this world who likes Swiss cheese.

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