Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eagles vs. Jaguars: Michael Vick is Scintillating!

This is not Ron Jaworski

My wife is an avid sports fan; she loves the New York Knicks, Pete Sampras and can generally catch something when thrown to her. Football is not her favorite, but she has been known to join me on the couch for football Sundays, while folding some laundry or reading a magazine. Her favorite play is the flee-flicker. She does not quite understand what "play-action" is. She calls Randall Cunningham "The Ultimate Warrior." That being said, she loves watching Michael Vick.

This movie was not horrible.

The bottom line is that Michael Vick is scintillating (and infinitely more exciting to watch than Kevin Knob)! With Vick pulling his Houdini-like escapes, he has single-handedly made my 12 hours of Sunday football watching much more tolerable for my wife. You never know what Vick is going to do next; will he launch a bomb to Desean Jax? Will he jump over a defender? Will he throw a ball through a guy's face? All I know is that if the Knobbler was still the Eagles starting quarterback, my wife would be much more apt to snatch the remote out of my hand and force me to fold laundry.

And yes, we know, he killed dogs. And we actually love dogs! I even sort of enjoyed that movie with John Cusack where he had a dog!  But the guy has the potential to throw a ball through a guy's face. And I hate folding laundry!

This coming Sunday, Donovan is coming to Philly and my father-in-law will be staying with us while in town. As of now, we have plans to go to brunch on Sunday afternoon, but I will almost guarantee that Katie will allow me to choose #7 over Eggs Benedict. She understands that it's not everyday that you get to see a guy jump over another guy.

Thank you Clay Matthews for changing my life.

This Eggs Ben could actually use a little more Hollandaise.

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